Email required or optional?

With our last release we added a registration form, so that clients could identify themselves before making a selection. This enables the photographer to share the same link with multiple clients – or even allow the client to share the link with colleagues, etc.

We also added a setting whether entering an email address was required during registration. Unfortunately the setting and the registration form were somewhat confusing.

Many users thought that this option would turn the registration feature on or off. What made this additionally confusing was the fact, that the registration form did not reflect the setting.

The previous setting:

The previous registration form:

I updated the setting to

  • make it clear, that it only controls, whether an email address is required during registration
  • I added a note, explaining that a confirmation email is always sent if an email address is entered – whether the field is required or not.

The updated setting:

This might not be final, but I think it is already much clearer than the previous version.

The updated registration form (email not required):

I made it clear, that the email field was optional and updated the intro paragraph to not explicitly mention the email anymore.