Banners on the collection edit screen

Continuing with improving the in-plugin banners, I am today looking at the ones we display on our collection edit screen.

So far they look like this (red highlight added to make the position obvious):

We randomly display different Pro features here:

I quite like those, they are very unobtrusive and also kind of playful with the eyes.

On the other hand, they should probably be more obvious/in your face, to do their job better. (We still need to introduce better tracking to draw any conclusions on how good they actually work. Claudio will surely have to say more about that in a future post.)

Current ideas:


  • Give it a little more room to breathe
  • Update the wording, state how a feature can directly benefit the photographer
  • Use different emojis to keep the “playfulness” but giving it more variety
  • Add the Pro icon we already use in the new settings banners


  • Add the same background and link color, as in the settings

I think I am leaning towards #1. You?


The improved wording and new emojis:

Still a work in progress…